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Explore Michael Trio’s men's ring collection and find the perfect ring for him!

Men wear their wedding ring as it is the symbol of his marital status. It is worn as a sign of respect, and to reassure the wife of the promise they made together. The ring is meant to last forever and signifies long-lasting commitment.

perfect mans ring for him

Choose The Style & Size Correctly

Make sure the material of your ring is the one that best suits his style and lifestyle. Make sure also that the ring size is the correct size as this will cause problems in the future as he will use it everyday. The ring has to be comfortable and fits well in his finger.

What’s Your Budget?

Like any jewellery, the price will always depend on a few factors. It can be on what the ring is made of and which brand or retailer it comes from. Sometimes, men’s wedding ring prices can differ when it is made of metals like yellow gold, whte gold or rose gold.

Also, If you want to add a natural or lab-grown diamond, the price might go up as well.

Where To Buy Men's Rings in Singapore?

Michael Trio carries a lot of variations of men’s rings and are customisable. If you're looking for a unique ring that would reflect your style and lifestyle, Michael Trio is going to be the best shop for you.

But if you’re still undecided now, you can set up an appointment with our jewellery specialist so they can properly guide you.

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If you want to check out Michael Trio’s latest designs and quality jewellery for men & women, you can visit our collection at

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At Michael Trio, we specialise in providing exceptional craftsmanship, service, and quality at a remarkable price. Our Mission is to create jewellery pieces that are sincere, thoughtful, and honest. Every love has its story. Make yours one that stands the test of time.
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