Cold Pressed walnut oil benefits, uses and online price in india

Walnut oilAkhrot Ka Tel

At SNAANA we source walnuts from regions in the Himalayas –Indian state of Uttrakhand. And a kilogram of walnuts gives us about 500 grams of oils. We keep in touch with the orchard owner only to ensure an organic source is made.

Nutritional Properties:AkhrotOil

Walnut Oil Health Benefits And Uses:-

Walnut Oil benefits and uses in improving memory and concentration are although much known to us, the oil offers healthy and effective benefits when used for skin and hair care.

Fights Wrinkles and dryness:

Remedy For Infection:


Walnut oil benefits for hair

Maintains Cholesterol Level:

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We are the manufacturers of organic, Ayurvedic skincare products, Essential oils and hydrosols.
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