What measures are the government taking to combat online fraud?

The increasing prevalence of online fraud schemes has been a matter of concern globally, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic. The Government of the United Arab Emirates has repeatedly issued notices to create awareness of such online scams and has issued regulations that help in effectively combatting online fraud cases.

The common methods used for online scams include:



Voice phishing:

'any illicit use of the internet, computer network, electronic website or any other information technology means. Article 2 of the Cybercrime law states that 'An offender shall be punished by imprisonment and a fine not less than one hundred thousand dirhams and not in excess of three hundred thousand Dirhams or either of these two penalties whoever gains access to a website, an electronic information system, computer network or information technology means without authorization or in excess of authorization or unlawfully remains therein'.

In addition to enacting the cybercrime law, the UAE government has taken additional procedural methods such as:

» Easy reporting:


Digital security:

Heavy Fines:

Various global studies showcase that cybercriminals increasingly choose to operate in jurisdictions wherein either there are weak cybercrimes laws or no e-crime regulations at all. Understanding these practices, the UAE government has ensured that stringent laws are enforced in the UAE against cybercrimes and in order to implement the best practices that ensure digital security.

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