Breakpoints in real estate marketing 2020

With the prominence of digital channels in marketing strategies, real estate brands are still dazzled by the low costs of online campaigns. However, the sector has its particularities and measuring the success of a good proposal is not simple, considering the time of the decision to purchase a property, unlike other businesses. Today it is necessary to be rigorous with the measurement of each result indicator, but above all we must consider where we are going in the long term. Here we tell you how it is possible to fall into error and -without realizing it- in the breakdown of our essence as a brand.

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The integration of communication objectives in real estate marketing has become an essential factor in building trustworthy brands, especially in the online channel. The deep knowledge that we require to seduce those who are about to make perhaps the largest investment of their lives, is not an easy task. Today, with the increase and atomization of digital advertising, it seems that everything is simple. But those of us who project ourselves into the future know that we must challenge the speed of change and prioritize innovation.

Let's remember those years in which a powerful campaign was based on double-page ads in prestigious print newspapers, decisive panels on public roads and proposals at the point of sale. Each action was so expensive that we could not afford mistakes, everything was planned with time, intention and detail.

The main problem that real estate agencies face today is falling into ignorance of the essential steps to stand out with a solid digital positioning, both at the level of specific conversions and brand recognition. With the big data we get, we get lost in the analysis of irrelevant details and miss some key points. Here we mention the three most frequent mistakes about which we talk with our clients to continue building reliable brands, with great motivation.

MISTAKE 1_ Prioritizing the immediacy of the first conversion

ERROR 2_ Progressively losing the essence

The great advantage of having a comprehensive digital team is to maintain the brand's strategic guidelines at all levels and have the great opportunity to optimize results by adjusting objectives, creativity and implementation in real time.

ERROR 3_ Improvising content or not renewing it

Let's prioritize the quality of users who interact with us, let's go towards conversion to sale and analyze results to define our most valuable profile.

Let's analyze together the recognition potential we have as a brand when we look at our campaigns in a comprehensive way. Do you feel the essence of the brand?

Content is the determining factor to differentiate us. Marketing has not necessarily been reduced in costs, it is simply transforming. Let's impact.

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