Goat Milk Soap - Gotu Kola Soap With Fig & Fennel

Goat milk and buttery oleic-rich dry skin soap give you relief from dryness, itch, tight, and flakiness. This Real soap is made with rich skin-loving butter to replenish skin oil loss with every wash giving you soft hydrated skin.

The pure ingredients and apt composition make it the best face and body cleanser for intense dry & eczema skin conditions. It is very good for skin with low sebum-producing ability.

Gotu Kola Soap Benefits:

benefits of Gotu Kola Soap for dry skin

· Best gentle and healthy face & body cleanser

· Suitable for dry & intense dry skin including eczema

· Balances the skin microbiome and keep it healthy

· Lightens age spots and improve the skin appearances

· 100% Natural – handmade with traditional technique

· Made for skin low sebum-producing ability

· No chemicals & No preservatives at all

We are the manufacturers of organic, Ayurvedic skincare products, Essential oils and hydrosols.
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