What Are the Production Standards for Easy-Open Ends?

Easy-open ends are very common in our lives now, and easy-open ends are mainly used for food packaging.

Easy-open ends are widely used in food packaging related to consumers' health, so the safety requirements are high, and high requirements are placed on the precision, smoothness, and sealing of the equipment, such as the marking knife on the easy-open lid. The depth of the engraved line should be accurate to the micron level to avoid the leakage and contamination of the liquid in the tank due to the deep engraved line.

Secondly, because the easy-open lid is used on food packaging, we also demand hygiene. Therefore, steam is injected into the sterilizer during production, the air is exhausted, and the exhaust valve is closed. And then, continue to inject high-pressure steam, which is injected from one end of the sterilizer, to make the temperature in the tank reach 121 degrees.

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