Do SVG images have a positive effect on SEO?

Google has not mentioned the impact of SVG on SEO directly, but here we want to talk about the features of using SVG, and after reading the article, you have to decide for yourself whether svg is good for your site or not. ?

As we have already talked about optimizing website images and Google algorithms, you know that if your site images load faster, it will have a positive effect on your SEO. Certainly most of your users are not patient and do not like to spend long time. To open your site page and images, or they do not like to see very low quality images on your site.


Other features of using svg include the following:

Heralds and features in SVG can be animated.

SVG images can be searched, compressed and scripted

Creating svg images is easy

There are many tools like Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw to create svg graphics.

SVG images can be easily printed with any high quality and any resolution. Because they are vectors.

Easily editable

Svg is easily editable and this is one of the best advantages of svg. If you want to change your vector graphics, the only tool you need is a text editor or other tools. Changes in appearance, color, etc. are possible quickly and easily in svg files.

Reduces HTTP requests

This is effective in loading and running your site and makes the site load better than when using img tags.

SVG is SEO friendly

Because SVG files are entirely XML and XML is inherently readable, static svg files can be read, parsed, and indexed by search engines. Since August 2010, Google has also been indexing content within svg, which you can try to search for images on Google. But this does not mean that you want to expect a change in SEO and improve the site ranking by replacing svg files with png, but it does not have a negative effect on your SEO. However, if you are displaying images without text replacements, svg can help your SEO.

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