Assisted Purchase - Buy For Me Service in USA

As the population of the world increases, with the advancement in the internet, the e-commerce industry has also grown rapidly. There are numerous people who want to buy goods and services from different sites, but due to the busy schedule, they are not getting enough time to purchase products and services for themselves. For this reason, the concept of assisted purchase or buy for me service has come into being.

They call it the "on demand economy" because the Internet and smart devices have made it possible for consumers to get anything and everything delivered to them -- from a ride to a place to stay or a meal to a ride around the city.

Assisted Purchase is the ability for a consumer to get something delivered, purchased, and even picked out for them. In some cases, the consumer may not even know what they want.

Most of the times these services is used to shop and ship items from USA. Package Forwarding Companies like Splice Packages offer reliable assisted purchase services in USA. They will purchase your favarate products on your behalf and ship packages to your home address anywhere in the world.

Assisted Purchase

Splice Packages LLC is a package forwarding company in the USA. We provide shop and ship, parcel forwarding, assisted purchase, packages consolidation, US warehouse address, and international shipping from the USA. Visit for more details and deals!
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