Chris Tubbs: Out of Door

French photographer Chris Tubbs shows us a project charged with deep seeded troubles of the world, including income disparity, thinly veiled by the notion of fun. When he was young, Chris was fascinated by the athletes of the Eastern bloc during the Cold War had such basic facilities, while the West looked superhuman. Now I believe Chris brings these differences to light, however, I feel that he does so almost subconsciously. He takes photographs of different sporting facilities while he travels, namely, pictures of basketball courts. Most of them would be hardly recognizable to the Western eye. Each image carries a distinct emotional feeling. What troubles me with Chris's artist statement is the fact that he doesn't point towards these heavier, deep seeded issues at all. Either he does so intentionally, or this is just going right over his head. Either way, here is what Chris has to say about his work Out of Doors: "At first, I was fascinated with the idea that athletes form the Eastern bloc during the Cold War would have had such basic facilities, yet in the West, we looked on them almost as superhuman. Then this concept transposed itself on the idea of play, lost. Childhood and memories and the reality of change. A brief glimpse into the past. I am lucky enough to travel extensively with photography and have been searching as well as stumbling on these locations all over the world. And I have always had this same feeling, wherever I might have been. Through my work, I have always strived to convey the emotion of an environment however subtle, that photography has the ability, as a sense might, to remind us all of feelings and emotions we might have forgotten. Another aspect of the work was to put together a collection of images that would not be a quick project, but an idea that would grow and develop through perseverance and time. I am looking to publish a book and continue exhibiting the work." Make sure to click on the Lenscratch link to see more of Chris's work.

My name is Kevin. I love art a little too much. I'm a freelance photographer but in my off time I'm usually on here talking about art!
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