10 Verbs in Korean

Learning a language is a balancing act between vocabulary and grammar. Regardless of what people may say, you can't achieve proficiency in a language without a solid grasp of the grammar and equally, you can't become proficient without a good grasp of the vocabulary. You may be able to struggle through a conversation without an extensive vocabulary but you'll never be truly proficient. In this sense, verbs are your friends. The main building blocks of a language, verbs will, at a basic level or when used alone, allow you to express your wants and later, when used in more complex structures, allow you to formulate arguments and present and defend your opinions. So today, ten of the most frequently used, easy to use verbs. This is the first step 1. 하다 = to do 뭐 하고 싶어요? What do you want to do? 2. 보다 = to see 텔레비전 봐요. = I watch TV. 3. 먹다 = to eat 밥을 먹어요. = I eat dinner. 4. 사다 = to buy 이거 사고 싶어요. = I want to buy this. 5. 마시다 = to drink 술을 마셔요. = I drink alcohol. 6. 읽다 = to read 책을 읽고 싶어요. = I want to read a book. 7. 자다 = to sleep 푹 자요. = Sleep well. 8. 놀다 = to hang out, to play 같이 놀고 싶어요. = I want to play with you. 9. 일하다 = to work 오늘도 일해요. = I am working today too. 10. 쉬다 = to rest 쉬고 싶어요. = I want to rest.

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