When To Take a Rest Day When Working Out

Rest is technically as crucial as the actual workout that you’re going to be doing. Especially if you’re keen on seeing results rather quickly. Knowing then, when to take a rest day when working out is going to be key. It’s important to point out though, that there are different types of rest days. You may be forced to rest due to an injury. In these situations seeing a professional and following a recovery plan is potentially a must. What happens in those days though that you wake up really sore, and you don’t want to do anything? Is it a good idea to take a rest day?

How Sore is Sore?

There’s a difference between being sore and being hurt. In fact, after very demanding workouts it’s not going to be uncommon to feel sore. As long as it’s soreness, and you’re not feeling like you’re about to pull a hamstring you’re ok to go another day. If you space out the workload effectively you should be fine. When deciding that you’re going to work out 4, 5, or 6 days a week. Even through your active workout days it’s a good idea to distribute the workload maybe not evenly but correctly. So as to not put too much strain on your muscles.

What You Could Be Doing In Your Day Off

big exercise mat

large cardio mat

How Many Days Off A Week Are Ok?

The number of days off that you take can vary depending on the intensity of the workout, and how you’re crafting your own schedule. For a lot of people, their workouts are a complementary piece in their life. With work, and family life taking precedence. Working out 4 days a week and resting 3 can be a good ratio. Ideally, though if you’re only going to work out 4 days don’t leave the 3 rest days back to back. One rest day a week is really the minimum that you should be doing. Get your stretches in though, even if you are resting.

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