In What Scenarios do We Need Foam Injection Molding?

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Foam Injection Molding

Yes, you read it right that Foam Injection Molding deliver strong plastic products with a high strength-to-weight ratio, and it is possible because of the addition of the inert gas to the melted polymer before injecting it into the mold cavity. This gas acts as a chemical blowing agent, which expands to give a foam-like core structure to end products. As a result, the weight of the finished products is 30% lesser compared to completely solid plastic parts. However, plastic parts built through structural foam molding have thick and solid outer walls, and it gives decent strength to the final products.

Let’s now have a look at such situations when you must opt for Foam Injection Molding.

Ø Whenever you are required to build such plastic parts which need to be strong but not heavy, then this method can be the right choice for you. True that plastic is itself a lightweight material, but with structural foam molding, you can make your products even less heavy.

Ø The next main property of structural foam injection molding is that it allows to build complex plastic parts. So, if you ever require to produce complex products with an intricate design, then you may opt for this manufacturing method.

Ø The cost-effectiveness is another great advantage offered by structural foam molding, which means it is suitable for the production of such products that need to be produced at low cost so that you can earn good profits, even if you are selling your products at competitive prices.

Ø Foam injection molding can also be an ideal choice for the production of plastic parts with minimal flaws. This is because of the low-pressure used in the injection process, which eventually minimizes the error possibility to a fair extent.

Overall, this method is specifically used for producing complex, durable and lightweight plastic products with minimum errors and decent strength.

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