Nutella-Stuffed Apricot Friands (Gluten Free!)

Ingredients 1 ounce coconut oil about 1½ tablespoons honey 1½ cups almond meal (sometimes called almond flour) 1 teaspoon baking powder (gluten free if necessary) 2 eggs, lightly whisked about 2½ ounces dried apricots, chopped into small pieces chocolate spread (about 15 teaspoons, 1 for each little friand) Instructions Pre-heat the oven to 325F/170C and lightly grease a mini muffin pan or mini friand pan with a little oil or butter. Melt the coconut oil and the honey together in a small pan. Put the mixture aside to cool a little. Put the almond meal into a large bowl with the baking powder, then mix in the coconut oil/honey mixture and the eggs. Stir in the apricots. Put about a teaspoon of mixture into the bottom of each hole in the muffin tin, then spoon a small teaspoon of chocolate spread in the centre. Then spoon in more almond mixture so that it covers the chocolate and the muffin holes are almost full of mixture. Bake for about 12 minutes or until the muffins are a light golden colour on the top. Try not to overbake! Leave the friands to cool then, if you like, sprinkle them with icing sugar. Notes These ‘healthy’ friands were most delicious eaten the day they were baked, but they will keep pretty well for a few days after that in an air-tight container. You could replace the dried apricots will another dried fruit such as cranberries or even raisins if you like.

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