Essential Insurance Coverages for Cannabis Businesses

The cannabis market has been expanding since medical and recreational marijuana was legalized across several states in the U.S. However, the surge in its demand has increased its associated risk factors. So here’s a look into getting the perfect

Insurance Coverages Needed by Cannabis Businesses

The cannabis business faces multiple risks, and purchasing inadequate insurance can leave your business financially vulnerable. Essential insurance coverages for the cannabis business include:

General Liability

This plan covers third-party liability claims of property damage and physical injuries within the business premises.

Product Liability

This coverage protects the business from lawsuits by aggrieved users.

Commercial Property

It covers your business premises against the losses incurred due to damages from theft, break-ins, vandalism, fire, and natural disasters.

Commercial Auto

This plan covers the vehicles used in business operations, including liability claims, injury, and damage due to the accident.

Hired and Non-Owned Insurance

This plan is essential if the business owner and the employees use personal or hired vehicles for business-related activities.

Business Interruption

This plan ensures a flow of income if the business temporarily shuts down for any reason.

Workers’ Compensation

This coverage offers compensation for work-related injuries, illness, lost wages, etc., to your employees.

Cargo Insurance

Transport services use this to protect against loss for damaged or lost cargo in transit.

Crop Insurance

offer this specialized plan to protect the cultivators’ interests.

Errors and Omission

This plan covers liability claims from clients due to business-related errors.

The GrayStone Insurance Group offers comprehensive and customized

suited to your unique requirements. We are among the select

industry-specific packages. Contact us at

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Located in Northwest Austin, Texas, close to several major business centers, GrayStone Insurance Group provides commercial and personal insurance as well as specialty programs to meet your unique coverage needs. We primarily cover high-risk and difficult-to-place businesses, such as those in the Property and Casualty insurance market. Our commercial insurance solutions include general liability, liquor liability, professional liability, and workers’ comp, to name a few. We will also cover homes, boats, automobiles, and RVs through personal insurance. Our specialty programs are specifically designed for restaurants, commercial property, bars & pubs, off-road performance shops, habitational development, franchise food, hotel/motel, live music venues, and CBD/Hemp businesses. If you have any questions or require assistance in obtaining the right coverage for your personal or commercial insurance needs, contact us at or call us at 866-988-3709.
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