Household Cleaning Tips

Clean The Living Room Floor

Mixing bleach with water to mop the floor is a very effective cleaning method, but many people can't stand the pungent smell of bleach. At this time, natural cleaners such as white vinegar can be used instead. When mopping the floor, pour half a cup of white vinegar into the mopping water, and clean the floor of the living room or even the whole house when you enter the venue to help kill bacteria.

Mould On The Wall

The weather in Hong Kong is humid and sultry. As a result, many people's walls or ceilings are prone to mould and mildew stains. To deal with these situations, white vinegar can also help. You can also pour the white vinegar into the water to dilute it, wipe the mouldy area with a towel soaked in it, restore the whiteness of the wall with a simple wipe and keep the home clean. It can also be brushed with a toothbrush when encountering subtle locations.


In addition to sterilization, white vinegar is also a natural cleaner that can effectively deodorize and deodorize.


First, mix an appropriate amount of white vinegar and water and pour it into the pan. Next, put the sweaty, buzzing or other peculiar smell into it, soak it for half an hour and then wash it according to the usual laundry procedures to effectively remove the clothes smell.

Microwave Oven

The microwave oven at home will gather the taste of various foods and form an indescribable peculiar smell when used for a long time. Just put half a bowl of white vinegar in the microwave and heat it for a few minutes. After heating, continue to put the white vinegar back to room temperature, and then wipe the inner wall of the microwave with a towel.


household cleaning


1. Clean the whole house at a time, not one room!

Pick one task and complete that task in every room in the house rather than cleaning one whole room then moving to another room. Cleaning one entire room at a time makes you feel like you are in an endless circle because you have to start the same task over and over again.

2. The more tools are handy, the More you save your time

Keep all the cleaning tools and cleaning agents you may need in a bucket or a caddy. With this tip, you can clean your house in no time; you won't waste any time looking for tools here and there.

3. Create a List

This tip can help you to finish off all your chores quickly. You can use this tip to organize your cleaning and reduce the amount of time you spend on cleaning.

4. The more tools are handy, the More you save your time

Keep all the cleaning tools and cleaning agents you may need in a bucket or a caddy. This step doesn't seem that important, but you can save a lot of your cleaning time with this tip. If you don't follow this tip, you will have to get up every time to get the following equipment because of which you will waste time, and your chances of getting distracted will increase too. With this tip, you can clean your house in no time; you won't waste any time looking for tools here and there.


You can use this tip to motivate yourself, or you can also use this as a part of a game. To make this step a game, clock yourself and the family member while doing a task, and whosoever finishes the task in less period wins. Setting up a time limit can motivate you and help you to finish the task fast. You can also assign a goal time for each chore, and if you complete the chore in the given goal time, reward yourself with a treat or whatever you like.

6. Sort that Pile

Before you start cleaning the room:

A. Make sure you clear the clutter and get rid of the pile first.

B. Take three boxes, one for the items you have to throw, one for the items you're going to keep, and one for the things you have to give for recycling.

C. Please pick up the items from the pile, decide what you want to do with them, and sort that item into their respective boxes.

7. Listen to music

Everyone loves music. Whether it's soft music, heavy metal, or rap, we all have different tastes in music, but we all would agree on a point that everything becomes ten times more interesting if we play music in the background. The music flow can break the boredom associated with house cleaning, so it's better to play some music while cleaning.

8. Involve your Family Members

Your family members, when included, can provide you with some fun and creative ways. Your family members don't like cleaning just like you, so when you ask them to give you a hand, they will provide you with some creative suggestions that will be much more efficient and innovative to make cleaning more faster and fun.

9. Catch up With your Friends

If you feel like you haven't caught up with your friends in a long time, multi-tasking can help you out with it. While cleaning you can call up your friend and catch up with them, the plus point of doing this is, you won't get bored while cleaning.

10. Treat Yourself

Reward yourself with something small at the end of every task or with something big after every chore. For example, every time you deep clean your entire kitchen, you can treat yourself with a massage afterwards. Many people deep clean kitchens once every two to three weeks, so you keep your body relaxed after cleaning by rewarding yourself with a massage session.

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