What are the Benefits of Using Cat6 Solid Copper Cable?

Benefits of Using Cat6 Solid Copper Cable

Cat6 Solid Copper Cable


Lightning Fast Cat6 Solid Copper Cable

What is the main concern in any network? It is its speed and stability. The speed means the data transfer capacity of the network provided to its users. In this regard, Cat6 has an upper hand over its previous versions. A network structure using this cable can transfer data at a speed of 10Gbps up to 100 meters efficiently.

Whereas, a one-step-down version of this cable that is Cat6 can also transfer data at the same speed but only up to 50 meters. Therefore, if you are thinking to design a network where your users are sitting within a 100-meter distance then you must opt for Cat6 cable rather than Cat6. It will give you better speed with stability.

Bandwidth Range of Cat6 Solid Copper Cable

It provides an extended bandwidth range in comparison to older versions of Ethernet cables. It supports up to 500MHz bandwidth that enhances the efficiency of the networks to a great extent.

Usage of Pure Copper Conductors

This Ethernet cable comes with pure copper conductors. They have low DC resistance property that means they deliver more energy into the system rather than losing it to the environment. This is what a network engineer is expecting from its Ethernet cable.

Quick Overview of Superior Variants Cat7 and Cat8

Cat7 Ethernet Cable

Cat7, even though fairly looks the same as Cat6, isn't viewed as a decent cabling decision. As indicated by Massachusetts-based cabling network Cable Matters:

". . . Cat7 detail is an exclusive standard created by a gathering of networks. It's anything but an IEEE standard and isn't supported by TIA/EIA. Cat7 cables don't utilize the customary RJ-45 Ethernet header (actually known as an 8P8C connector). The GG45 connector that is utilized rather is exclusive. Regardless of its regressive similarity with RJ45, these connectors are rare. Cat7 cables are likewise viable with the TERA connector, albeit that has additionally seen next to no utilization in the industry."

Cat8 Ethernet Cable

Cat8 is the quickest Ethernet cable to date. It has the accompanying elements:

• 23-measure twisted pair wires

• 40 Gigabits of network speed

• Gives Ethernet up to 98 feet

• Is evaluated and estimated at a transfer speed of 2000MHz

Conclusion: -

The use of Cat6 solid copper cable gives your networks a new life and energy. It is a lightning-fast Ethernet cable in comparison to its older version. Especially, the Cat6 plenum pure copper is highly in demand due to its extraordinary features and qualities.

There are different types of Cat6 bare copper cables are available in the market. You need to choose the right supplier and the right variant to acquire the right cable for your modern-day network. The iTechCables will provide the top-notch quality of Ethernet cables at reasonably low prices in comparison to its competitors. We offer free shipping series to our customer’s doorsteps for their convenience and support.

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