TEEN TOP On Air 120805 First Day of "Be Ma Girl"

Ricky : Today is Inkikayo's first broadcast. Fighting! Today, we'll show you a good performance! I think all we need to do is say "Fighting" together! Ajja! [After the performance] Niel : Today, we finished first broadcast of "be ma girl". What was your impressions? Always you look after us. But sometimes(greeting to someone) you say mean things. Then, we realized that we have to go practice more.(greeting again, thank you) ChangJo : wow!! (clap) We are on the way to meet Angel !In this hot weather, we are going to the Inkigayo faan meeting. Chunji : It's super hot today. ChangJo : Extremely hot! Ricky : We'll be right there. Niel : You wait for us in this hot weather. For you, Teen Top will.. ChangJo : be right there! We're thankful that lots of fans are there. Please look after us continuously. Bye! We'll be right there! Hello, we're Teen Top! [Angel's event] Congratulation on your comeback~! (singing) This summer, the song "Be Ma Girl" Please give it lots of love! credit : http://vingle.net/Teen-top

힙합,트랩뮤직,뭄바톤,누디스코,프렌치터치 그리고 재즈. 커피와 케이크. 하이스트릿브랜드. 그녀의 꿈은 행복한 사람, 매일매일 새로운 것을 하나씩 배워나가는 것이 목표입니다.
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