Blue Me Away!

It’s hard to deny icy blue colors in summer. All the makeup brands are releasing their it-blue items and it’s quite delightful to walk around makeup counters seeing the vivid colors in summer. But it’s also true, us, asians are hard to cooperate blue colors since it’ll contrast with our yellow skin. So here’s the tip if you want to wear blues! Before getting into our tutorial, clean base makeup is the crucial key. It has to be flawless but not cakey. It’s better to be matte than dewy. Don’t overuse concealer this time. All you need is layering thin layers of powder. And when it comes to choosing the right blue shadow for your skin tone, it’s always safer to grab a slightly shimmery one over the matte one. Matte vivid shadows are very loud itself so be careful when you want them! If you use matte blue shadow on your lid, it won’t blend into your whole look. On the other hand, slightly shimmered vivid shadows help you to blend into your whole look quite naturally. Last but not least, bright lips will complement your look. Now, let’s get started! 1. Prime your eyes with your favorite primer. 2. My choice of the blue is the Mustaev Eye Shadow “Gumball”. Apply it generously on your lid. Mustaev Easygo Medium Shadow Brush will help you to pack your shade more vibrantly. 3. Drag the same blue to your under outer half with a pencil brush. 4. Now to complement our blue, I’m using an off-white crystal shade on the center portion on the upper lid and also drag the color to our inner half of the under lid. Here I used Mustaev Eye Shadow “Diamond”. Using a cool white shade will help to pop out the blue better. 5. I’m tight-lining my lash line with an eye kohl liner. 6. And then, we want our eye liner very defined not smudgy. Grab your favorite black liquid liner and draw a thin line over your lash line. And keep the mascara bold. When you’re trying bright tropical look, it’s better to tightline your waterline and add mascara starting from your roots. We don’t want it smudgy, we want it neat and bold. Enjoy your summer with a bright blue color! xx Liah by Subscribe for getting various beauty tips and tricks, trendy topics and makeup tutorials. Hope you enjoy all about beauty with us! Always thank you.♥
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