What is ij.start.canon printer & how to setup on mac?

In this article, I'll be addressing 5 main reasons why you should avoid getting your ij.start.canon printer set up on your Mac computer. This topic is especially important because, while many printers are available for different operating systems, there are relatively few that will work with Mac OS X.

What is a Canon Printer?

A ij.start.Canon printer is a printer that can be connected to a computer by using a USB cable or through wi-fi. For those who are unfamiliar with this technology, they will need to go the website canon.com/ijsetup and download any necessary software on their Mac in order to connect.

Install Canon Printer Driver on Mac


1) Determine what type of computer you have: a PC, a Mac-based PC, or OS 10x.


3) Connect your USB to your computer

Why Avoid Setting Up Cannon Printer on Mac?

Mac users may find it difficult to get their ij.start.cannon printer installed and connected on their systems. It can take a while to figure out how to make it work, or even which USB port is appropriate for the printer. There are many details that can be misunderstood with Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and USB connections - often linking it to a specific Apple laptop. Instead of taking this route, just avoid all the problems by setting up your computer on laptops such as Dell Inspiron N4010, HP Envy 17, or MacBook Pro 13 inch.



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