Advertising on Electric Buses in Mumbai

launch of electric buses in Mumbai.

Electric buses offer a great opportunity for brands to implementoutdoor advertisingin the bollywood city, Mumbai. As these buses are bigger they offer good space for the ad placement. 

Benefits of advertising on Mumbai Electric buses:

Mumbai electric buses offer wide space for better ad placement on side panels.

The brands can easily reach the local audience through advertisements on these buses.

Daily commuters such as office goers, college students and bus staff develop strong brand familiarity through bus advertising.

Bus advertising triggers high brand recall.

Any ad placed on these buses catches the dual attention, one of the pedestrians and the other of the bus riders.

As these buses are big in size, any ad placed on these buses is visible from afar. Therefore, the ad catches the attention of the audience that is either near the bus or at a distance from it which ultimately maximizes the brand’s visibility and reach.

Mumbai electric buses fleet size is going to expand soon as the government is aiming to introduce 200 double-decker  electric buses soon. These buses will cover the entire city. Moreover, as an initiative to make city healthier and pollution free, these electric buses are going to replace the traditional fuel operated buses in near future.

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