10 Tips for Choosing the Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

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1. Type of wireless signal

Bluetooth 5.0 offers us advanced support, with a long-range, and also accepts high data speeds. Gaming headsets also often use Wi-Fi connectivity.

2. Intra-ear or headband

The intra-ear (in-ear) are perfect for actions with a lot of movement, for example, playing sports. On the other hand, headband headphones cover the ear completely and also hold quite well thanks to the headband.

3. Audio format or Codec

Digital sound is encoded and compressed for wireless transmission when transmitted via Bluetooth. In this way, we achieve efficient and fast transmission. We found various codecs, most wireless headphones are AAC, SBC, and aptX.

4. Noise cancellation

Some models of wireless headphones have active noise cancellation, this allows us to focus on the sound without hearing any noise around us.

5. Autonomy

Wireless earphones work with recharges, we must look at the autonomy of the wireless earphone we want to buy. If we decide to opt for noise cancellation, we must know that the autonomy is less.

6. Waterproof

Headphones with IPX are important to keep in mind, this means that they will be protected against water or liquids. The higher the IPX rating, the more resistance you will have and the longer they will last you.

7. Signal reception

Headphones with more advanced technology receive sound from both headphones. In contrast, some wireless earphones with lesser technology receive the signal first in one earphone and then in the other.

8. Ergonomics and comfort

Comfort and ergonomics go hand in hand, if our wireless headphones have good ergonomics, you will not suffer discomfort or pain. The pads are another factor to take into account for proper comfort, as a general rule, they usually come with three types of pads.

9. APP control

Wireless headphones evolve, now many models have an app that we can control from the mobile to increase the volume or control the ambient sound.

10. Touch or physical controls

While wearing wireless headphones, you can perform different functions. It is true that headband headphones, being larger, allow physical buttons, while in-ear headphones usually have tactile buttons due to their size.

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