What are the Punishments for Physical Assault In Public?

Understanding ‘Assault’:

act of inflicting physical harm on another person’

Different categories of assault and their punishments:

The Federal law no. 3 of 1987 concerning promulgating the penal code and its amendment (UAE Penal Code), categories ‘assault’ into various types, such as:

Assault causing death

Assaulting causing permanent disabilitythe type of disability when the injury results in severance or dismemberment of an organ or its partial amputation or the loss or diminution of use thereof, or to permanent total or partial failure of the functioning of any senses

Assault under the influence of alcohol

Assault resulting in disability

Assault on a pregnant woman

Committing assault in the UAE can thus result in either being charged with a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the veracity of the offence, underlying circumstances and aggravating circumstances relating to the crime. A medical report should be obtained by the victim to record the injuries sustained as a result of the assault. Apart from criminal actions, a victim of a physical assault may also take recourse to a civil claim for damages sustained.

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