Why is my Suddenlink email not working?

Troubleshooting from User End

Troubleshooting is a good practice. Before connecting to customer support, go through the following steps to understand the problem.

* Check the username and password entered carefully. As cliché as it might sound, incorrect spelling is the most common reason for this type of problem. It never hurts to double-check your spelling. 

* If you forgot the password, select Forgot Your Password on the login page to receive further instruction.

* Another possibility is using the wrong username, typing the wrong spelling, and using a completely different username are two different things. If you suspect you have the wrong username, select the Forgot Username option on the login page and follow the instructions given.

* Make sure the individual device in use has a stable connection.

* Try using a different browser.

* While using third-party email clients and manually configured accounts, recheck server settings.

* If the issue is from the server side, it is advised to connect to customer care.

Connecting to Customer Service

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