YoonA and Lee Min Ho raise Eider sales by 200%

Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA and actor Lee Min Ho ho have lived up to their name. The French premium outdoor brand, Eider, which YoonA and Lee Min Ho are the main models for, reported, “Thanks to them, sales grew over 200%“. Especially the product that YoonA wore in the commercial and advertisements were sold out completely, showing the ‘YoonA Effect’ works even in the outdoor wear market. In addition, 93% of the production stock for a jacket advertised in February were all sold by the 40th day. YoonA and Lee Min Ho, who have been with Eider since the 2011 F/W season, have extended their contract and are currently in photoshoots for the next season. They have shown the young and sophisticated style to buyers and expressed the trendy brand image in TV commercials and magazine ads. An Eider insider further explained, “The two are also popular by people in 40 to 50 age range. Therefore, we were able to effectively advertise to different age range groups.” Image+Source : Sportshankook via Naver Credit: allkpop

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