SBS ‘The Faith’ changes their ‘hanja’ character meaning

New SBS Drama ‘The Faith’ changed the meaning of their ‘hanja’ (Chinese character). The production team of the drama changed ‘Faith(神醫-miracle doctor)’ to ‘Faith(信義-loyalty).’ Although the Korean title hasn’t changed, the meaning of the title completely changed. A representative for ‘The Faith’ explained, “Initially, it was about a future doctor brought back into time in the Koryo Dynasty period, and contents of medicines unfold which is why the title ‘The Faith(神医)’ was used. However, after scriptwriter Song Ji Na’s confirmed her commitment to write the script for the drama, she wanted to change the meaning to loyalty that will be shown by the main character, General Choi Young.” Also, the new ‘hanja’ meaning of ‘The Faith’ provided more freedom from plagiarism accusation. The currently airing MBC Drama ‘Dr. Jin’ and the upcoming SBS Drama ‘The Faith’ both shared the same core plot in which ‘The Faith’ received plagiarism accusation. The modern time doctor went through a time slip into the past, and unfolded different medicines that were like the works from the Gods. Because of scriptwriter Song Ji Na’s late commitment in writing the script for the drama, she had to rewrite the script to make sure that there weren’t a lot of similarities to ‘Dr. Jin.’ A representative from SBS said, “Instead of writing about the doctor but rather about warrior Choi Young, the focus of the characters changed. That is why ‘The Faith(神醫)’ was changed to ‘The Faith(信義)’ to make sure that it fit with the plot’s focus. Lawyer representatives of SBS stated, “After the third party law firm made their review for any legal issues, they confirmed that there was no copyright infringement.” ‘The Faith’ is set to air its first episode on August 13th after ‘The Chaser’ ends. Original Source: Sports Hankook Translated By: Solly @ Lee Min Ho’s World (

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