[Manga Review] Gin no Saji by ARAKAWA Hiromu

Genre: shounen, high school life, comedy Rating: Absolutely must read! An ongoing manga by the author of Full Metal Alchemist. To tell the truth I've never read that series even after hearing so much about it but I'm thinking of reading it now after reading Gin no Saji. This is one of the best shounen manga I've read in years. It was even awarded the 5th Manga Taishō award. It's the first manga that I actually re-read the vols 3 times while waiting for the next chapter to come out. The story is about a city boy who went to an agricultural studies high school in Hokkaido just so that he can be away from his parents. The main character, Hachiken who does not know what is it he wants to do struggles to adapt to the new environment which is completely from what he's used to. This manga is refreshing, humorous, and by that I mean you will find yourself rolling on the floor laughing while reading this manga. Most of all this manga is very informative. The author was born and lived in Hokkaido for 8 years. She grew up helping out her family who owns a farm so you can expect a lot of info about the farming life and agricultural issues in Hokkaido. The best thing that this manga depicts is not just the handwork the farmers put into growing and cultivating their crops and dairy products but also the eating culture which will definitely make you go hungry. When I was reading this manga I seriously considered going to volunteer working on a farm in Hokkaido. The latest chapter is ch 48 which has already been translated into English. That's also the latest chapter in Japan. Just in case you don't know, Gin no Saji means silver spoon.

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