Custom Injection Molding

Jade Molds offers you the best Custom Mold Plastic Injection Molds and Molded Parts for your production (Samples) at a very affordable prices. Our prices are already globally competitive and even after that we offers you 10% Off on your first Injection Mold order. Our Molds are completely built up with western quality, western QC management and delivered to your doorstep, we also can help you in saving upto 50% off on your injection mold tariffs if you choose our delivery method.

Jade Group International provides prototype solutions like injection molding services, CNC machined parts, rapid tooling, injection mold tooling, automotive molds, and more at China level pricing. The company aims to give western injection molders a quality export molds at China level pricing so that they can compete with Chinese companies on injection mold production jobs.

Our services includes but not limited to Injection Molds, Cap/Closure Molds, Connector Molds, Liquid Silicone Rubber Molds, Peek/LCP Molds, Fast Molds, Prototypes, Big Molds, Thermosets, Scientific Molding, Hot Stamps, Cooling Fixtures, Sonic Welding Horns, Injection Molding, Manufacturing, Moldex3D, Engineering, Rapid Tooling, CNC machining, and hot runners

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Custom Injection Molding

Jade Group International (Jade Molds), focuses on delivering Western quality injection molds (tooling) at China level pricing so that Western injection molders can compete with and win injection mold production jobs over China competitors. How do they do it? Western methodology and efficiencies which starts with Western engineers using first-in-class tools like DFMPro and Moldex3D to fully qualify each part design and mold design before they hand the project over to Western engineers and mold builders living in China who take a hands-on approach to managing all injection mold builds in Jade's Western owned factory. Jade's Western team in China builds the mold, trials the mold, and QCs the mold. 100% goal is to deliver great molds, at great pricing, molds that will run well and at speed in your injection mold presses back home, right out of the shipping crate. Plus you will always, at minimum, be able to speak to a native English speaker with Jade at every stage of your project (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese). Try the Jade way today. Contact us today for more information or visit our website.
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