Tweets Get Student Expelled

The title tells it like it is--a football star is expelled from high school after tweeting 140 characters full of expletives. The article quotes his football coach who told the team repeatedly to get off Twitter, and goes on to say that the University of Michigan, which was actively recruiting him lost all interest. This is a great article for discussion, because students can easily relate to it. Ask students if they feel the consequences were appropriate, or if he was punished too harshly. Did he have a right to speak his mind on social media, or was the school right to expel him? From the details, the student's account wasn't public, but he accepted a reporter's request to follow him, which is how the tweets were discovered. (NB: I wouldn't disclose the student's name, as his tweets can be discovered online, and they're pretty raunchy.) I'd love to work with classes on creating a student-driven social media policy. This would serve as a great example of the aftermath of not thinking before you share anything online!

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