Banana Benefits For Women’s Body – Skin, Weight Loss

Have you ever considered the health benefits of bananas for women? This magnificent fruit has been very effective in assisting women in living a healthy life and treating various physical and psychological problems.

Banana (scientific name: Musa) belongs to the Musaceae family. It is one of the tropical flowering plants, and the fruits of bananas grow in groups. Bananas are among the most common fruits globally, and yellow bananas are the most famous types.

Banana Benefits For Women's Body

Good for skin

Bananas contain many nutrients that may help maintain healthy skin, such as: potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and vitamin A, in addition to silica, which is believed to contribute to an increase in collagen production, a type of natural protein that helps maintain healthy skin.

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High Fiber Content:

Bananas are rich in fiber which help in the process of digestion, thus keeping you away from problems like constipation, moreover, the presence of fiber, keeps you full for a long time and is also able to lower the extra weight.

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Boost your energy

Because bananas are easy to digest, the sugar content in this fruit is converted into a source of energy, which keeps you energized for a long time, which is why gym trainers always suggest everyone eat a banana after a tiring workout session.

Good for heart health

Banana benefits for women also include this one. Being a fiber-rich food, it keeps your cholesterol level under control which in turn keeps your heart healthy and reduces your chances of developing cardiovascular disease.

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Very useful during pregnancy

For prospective mothers, they should include bananas in their diet. They contain folic acid, which makes new cells and removes any congenital disabilities in the unborn child. For the overall development of the fetus, bananas are essential.

Treats anemia

Indian women often suffer from anemia. Bananas are a cheap food and are full of iron, therefore, eating bananas regularly can help treat iron deficiency in a woman’s body, thus helping to build red blood cells.

Banana Benefits For Weight Loss

diet aimed at losing weight

The benefits of bananas

The banana diet improves digestion, due to its richness in enzymes that promote metabolism in the body; Scientists have proven that it contributes to the secretion of the hormone "cholestokinin", which helps in feeling full.

A medium banana contains 110 calories, which helps in losing weight for its ability to provide the body with energy that enables it to perform its daily activities, thus increasing the burning of calories, because it contains an abundant amount of carbohydrates. And eating bananas contributes to controlling hunger; It is virtually cholesterol and fat free. It is a suitable food for anyone trying to lose fat, and it can also be used in dessert recipes as a source of healthy sweetness (without adding table sugar).

Bananas, like other fruits and vegetables, are high in water, which makes them satiating without giving you many calories.

A medium-sized banana provides about 17% of the daily requirement of vitamin C, which plays an important role in the formation of thyroxine in the thyroid gland and the metabolism of amino acids, in addition to improving iron absorption. It also contains antioxidants that fight early cancer by destroying free radicals; As bananas raise the number of white blood cells.

It also improves mood, especially in cases of premenstrual syndrome and depression; This is due to its role in raising the level of serotonin in the body.

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How Many Calories In Banana

Most of the calories in bananas come from carbohydrates; Carbohydrates cover approximately 93% of the calories provided by bananas, while protein covers 4% of them, and fats 3% of these calories, which vary according to their size, and the following is an explanation of the amount of calories that are found in different sizes of bananas:

Banana nutritional value

The following is the amount of nutrients present in every 100 grams of banana fruit:

Calories 89 calories

Water 74.91 ml

Protein 1.09 g

Fats 0.33 g

Carbohydrates 22.84 grams

Fiber 2.6 g

Sugars 12.23 grams

Carbohydrates 5.38 grams

Calcium 5 milligrams

Iron 0.26 milligrams

Magnesium 27 milligrams

Phosphorous 22 milligrams

Potassium 358 milligrams

Sodium 1 milligram

Zinc 0.15 milligrams

Copper 0.078 milligrams

Manganese 0.27 milligrams

Selenium 1 microgram

Fluoride 2.2 mcg

Vitamin C 8.7 milligrams

Vitamin B1 0.031 milligrams

Vitamin B2 0.073 milligrams

Vitamin B3 0.665 milligrams

Vitamin B5 0.334 milligrams

Vitamin B6 0.367 milligrams

Folate 20 micrograms

Vitamin A 64 IU

Vitamin E 0.1 milligram

Vitamin K 0.5 µg

Banana FAQ

Do bananas cause weight loss or gain?

Bananas and weight loss

weight lossreducing appetite

Bananas and weight gaingain weight

Snack along with some other calorie-rich foods, such as; Oats, smoothies, nut butters, or whole milk to help gain weight.

Are bananas good for the colon?

reducing IBD symptoms.

What are the benefits of bananas for pregnant women?

Adding bananas to the diet of a pregnant woman may help relieve pregnancy-related constipation, because it contains a good amount of fiber, and the vitamin B6 present in it can also help relieve nausea and vomiting during the first trimester of pregnancy.

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Do bananas raise blood pressure?

Foods rich in potassium - including bananas - are characterized by their effect in controlling high blood pressure, and the amount of sodium lost from the body through urine increases as the amount of potassium eaten through food increases, and potassium reduces the harmful effects of sodium in the body and relieves tension in the walls of blood vessels.

The recommended daily amount of potassium per day is 4,700 milligrams, so you should eat foods rich in potassium, such as bananas, avocados, cantaloupe, mushrooms, and others.

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