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Ask the 'crunchy' big data questions that lead to breakthrough analytics http://www.techrepublic.com/article/ask-the-crunchy-big-data-questions-that-lead-to-breakthrough-analytics/ Instead of asking her team about current market demographics and sales results over the past six months, the Chief Marketing Officer asks instead, "Who are our next 1,000 customers going to be, where are they going to come from, and how and why are you going to win them?" "This question addresses not only what brings customers to your company but also what makes them leave," said Lucker. "Asking a question like this is a lot more than simply doing a q&a....To begin to answer a question like this, you have to understand the company's product strategy, the various segments of customers that are served, what drives people to buy the products, what it is that 'closes' the sales deals with people, and also the various signals along the way that people leave. An analysis of all of this ultimately leads you to what you think you can do to elicit the kinds of behavior that you want."

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