How To Delete Hotmail Account

Many users nowadays want to delete their Hotmail account. Although the email service used to be very popular, it hardly plays a role on the Internet anymore. We'll show you how to deactivate the contract and delete your account completely.

Delete Hotmail Account

delete Hotmail account

How to delete Hotmail account permanently?

You can easily delete your Hotmail account. To delete Hotmail account, you need to read below steps one by one.

1. First of all, go and search for the official Hotmail website.

2. Now, you must go to the page to close your account

3. You need to enter your Microsoft Hotmail account ID, which you want to delete.

4. Now, you need to ask some security questions to verify your account.

5. Now, you need to follow the instructions on the screen.

6. Now, fill out the form to close the account and submit it.

It is a simple procedure to delete Hotmail account. If you need help related to Hotmail account, you should contact customer service. They will surely help you. You can also show here the steps to delete Hotmail account on other devices, as shown below:

How to remove Hotmail account from iPhone?

1. Go to the Hotmail account login page.

2. Enter your email ID and password and press login.

3. From settings, switch to 'account settings'.

4. Click on the 'Close Account' option shown below on the page.

5. It will ask you to make sure, just follow the steps by clicking next.

6. Now, click on 'Create an account for closing' and press OK.

7. Redirected to the final submission, if you are sure, click on the 'Done' option.

How to delete Hotmail account from Android?

1. Sign in to your respective account from your Android phone.

2. Go to the settings option, right there.

3. From settings, go to account settings.

4. Now select Advanced Account Settings option from there.

5. From the given options, click on 'Delete Account'.

6. It will ask you to confirm the request.

7. Confirm your request and click the 'OK' button.

By following the above processes, one will be able to delete their account permanently from their smartphones or the system.

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Delete Hotmail Account

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