when your your ancestors are seen in dreams during shradh.

Pitru Paksha begins on the full moon of Bhadrapada and lasts until the new moon of Ashwin month, according to the Hindu calendar. It is thought on these days, our forefathers and mothers travel to Earth from Pitru Lok to view their offspring and rejoice in their joy. At the same time, if one forgets about his ancestors and does not execute religious ceremonies such as Shradh in their honour, the ancestors become enraged.

According to experts, there is an old tradition of doing charity in the memory of ancestors during Pitru Paksha.These days have special significance in Hinduism.

As a result, Pitru Paksha began this year, i.e. in 2021, with the full moon Shradh on Monday, September 20. On Wednesday, October 6th, the event will come to a close. For the next 16 days, however, auspicious work will be restricted.

Shradh rituals

Our ancestors are said to take energy in the form of blog and return to their realm through Shradh. However, there are situations when the Our forefathers and mothers are dissatisfied with us, and they send us messages through nightmares.

Ancestors appearing in your dream:

It is thought that if you see some of your deceased relatives, i.e. ancestors, in your dream and they are standing in a peaceful posture, they are indicating that you will soon have someone. The good news is on the way.

learn shradh rituals in just 10minutes.

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