How To Choose The Right Immigration Lawyer In Melbourne

immigration lawyers

immigration lawyer in Melbourne

Do Your Research


You can also take help of social media channels like Facebook or LinkedIn. Try to visit certain groups based in your local vicinity in Melbourne or look up on forums or directories to get information on your desired lawyer.

Look for Required Qualifications

Post your research, in case you find suitable immigration lawyers in Australia you also want to look for the necessary qualifications to see whether they’re the right fit for you.

Top immigration lawyers in Melbourne will own specialized certifications in Australian Migration Law and Practice have a good amount of experience, and the necessary skill set to do the job.

The more qualifications and credentials you find in a lawyer, the better.

Check Testimonials


You can get testimonials from your potential lawyers either through their website, reviews on their business listings, or simply from the lawyer themselves when you visit them for consultation.

If the lawyer has a long list of happy clients with satisfactory results, then you may have found the ideal one.

Get Some Referrals

To find a suitable lawyer or immigration agent in Melbourne for your case, you can get in touch with people from your personal network for referrals. Word-of-mouth referrals are more trust-worthy than online reviews which can streamline your search even further.

Talk to friends or acquaintances to see whether anyone has approached an immigraton lawyer before. Or, someone who might just know one and is willing to pass over the attorney’s contact details. This will not only save you time but save you from fraudulent practitioners.

Hire Someone Who Speaks Your Language

Last but not least, you should choose a lawyer who is comfortable speaking a language native to you or which you’re familiar with.

This is important for both you and your lawyer. It will help your lawyer convey subtle nuances of immigration law with ease and help verify details or translations of any documentation.

Well, those are some tips to help you pick the right lawyer for your migration requirement. Use them to choose a reputed lawyer who is honest, professional, and who can solve your immigration-related queries with ease.


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