Austen Spinoffs: Pride, Prejudice and Jasmin Field by Melissa Nathan

This is another modern spin on Pride and Prejudice, where the protagonist, Jazmin (or Jazz; she even has a nickname like Elizabeth Bennett does) is a women's magazine columnist who ends up in a play-version of Pride and Prejudice directed by a famous and arrogant actor who's doing the whole gig as charity work to enhance his reputation. Not surprisingly, she ends up getting cast as Lizzy while he ends up being Darcy, and the storyline of Pride and Prejudice plays out in the actors' and cast's lives as they rehearse the play. It was interesting to see how Melissa Nathan translated the storyline into a modern context. It was fun to match up who was who character-wise, though it was pretty obvious most of the time. The down-side to its being based on the original was, of course, that everything in the book was pretty predictable, down to the Josie-incident, and events so closely colluded to the book sometimes that it seemed unlikely that the characters wouldn't have at some point said, hey, isn't it weird that everything we do exactly conforms to Pride and Prejudice?! I think what made the book more enjoyable for me than anything was that it's written all in Britishicisms, which was entertaining in itself. However, the main character, Jazz, is supposed to be very witty, but most of her jokes/comebacks fell flat for me. It could be, though, that some of them were genuinely good and I couldn't appreciate them, because despite having lived in England for a year, some of the lingo was genuinely indecipherable. I don't know if I would ever give this a re-read, but it's a good distraction book that kept my interest

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