King 2 Hearts Episode 6 - Recap Part 4

On the plane JH looked to the side but saw no one, only a purse. He asked the flight attendant where HA went. The flight attendant asked if she should go call her. He said it's fine then got worried. HA sat somewhere far away in the economy seat; the whole plane was completely empty. The two ready stood behind the closed door for the engagement announcement. Hang ah looks emotionaless. JH started saying something like telling her what they're about to do. Everyone, the parents, royal guards are watching them on TV. HA suddenly said she wanted to say something. She said she loves him (I think I clearly heard that, correct me if I'm wrong). He stared at her in shock. Everyone asked him for his comment. He said something to appease the crowd then the two looked at each other. He later watched the news with his sister. HA is talking to her dad. She cried on the phone (JH really made her cry a lot >_<) then someone knocked on the door. She said she's busy at the moment but the princess peaked her head in. She introduced herself as the princess and youngest sister of the King and JH. They started chit chat about JH.

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