Why is my Canon Printer Saying it's Offline?

Why Does my Canon Printer Keep Saying It is Offline?

The Canon printer is undoubtedly one of the best printers you can come across. You only need to ensure that you are aware of some troubleshooting steps because there can be a situation where your Canon printer might not be working correctly.

You can go through the simple troubleshooting steps. Give ahead. Through those steps, you might be able to get your printer fixed without any support.

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix the Canon Printer

Default Settings Issue:

At times wrong default settings can also be why your printer is showing offline. So, you need to make sure that you have set the printer in the "Default Printer" mode.

Use Printer Offline Enabled:

You only need to ensure that you have not selected the offline enabled mode. You only need to get on the settings option. Then you'll be able to choose the online method.

Printer Spooler Error:

In case there is a tech error in the spooler of the Canon printer. Then it might be why your printer is showing the offline error.

Check all the Cables:

Unplugged all the cables and then plugged all the wires back after a minute. Then your printer might not show offline.

Check the wifi connection:

Suppose your printer is not connected to the wifi or is not working correctly. Then you need to ensure that you reconnect the wifi.

Paper not appropriately aligned:

At times, even the wrong paper alignment can also be why your printer shows some errors. Ensure that you have chosen the papers from the printer and then aligned them again. Then your printer will be working correctly.

How do I get a Canon printer back online?

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