How do I reduce the cost of printing a catalog?

publish digital catalog

This can be done through any of the following:

1. Provision of all your product information

2. Grouping and organization of your digital catalog block

3. Upload of all supported files

4. And lots more…

How Do I Reduce the Cost of Printing a Catalog?

Rather than spending lots of money printing out catalogs for your business yearly, you can simply publish digital catalog online for your customers to see.

This will also help you to save a lot of cash on design as everything would be hosted online.

The first step to this involves providing all the right information that relates to all your products being uploading to the digital catalog.

digital catalog

· Product name

· Product description

· Product number

· Product price

All these can be group based on product category as well.

For instance, let’s say your business operates in the clothing industry.

That goes to show you have something to offer for men, women, and even the kids. Thus, each product can be grouped and arranged in their respective product category.

Digital catalog blocks can be grouped based on:

· Genre

· Age

· Product type

· Occupation

· Etc.

Now once all these are done, you will need to upload all the supported file types to your digital catalog. This includes company images (such as logo), product images, videos, and text files.

Each file type should be uploaded in their corresponding digital catalog block to suit its preference.

Thus, once all this is complete, you can now publish your digital catalog online for your customers to see and interact with.

Publish Digital Catalog Online

Digital catalog publishing can be done with D-catalog.

D-Catalog is your #1 stop to digital publication with lots of interactive enhancements built to help your business level-up sales and conversions.

This allows anyone, from content creators, marketers, e-commerce professionals, and even local retailers to easily create and publish digital catalog online that can be viewed on any device (mobile or PC).

Thus, you can convert your company products into amazing looking online brochures, flip catalogs, magazines, annual reports, training materials and lots more.

This goes a really long way to help you improve on your brand awareness, business ROI, online sales and leads.

The search filter gives your customers a much better feel and experience when trying to look for products and services listed on your digital catalog.

They can also cross-search libraries on your digital catalog and filter their results quickly with highlighted zoom feature on keywords.

Our shop and checkout feature helps you integrate different payment gateways to create a more engaged in-catalog shopping experience for all your customers.

Customers can now add your products on their Wishlist to buy later.

With this, you can directly notify them on a pending purchase, thus helping to improve sales for your business in general.

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