Lee Min Ho shows off his talent in playing soccer

Actor Lee Min Ho recently showed off his talent in playing soccer. On August 8, a video of Lee playing soccer with his friends was uploaded on the official Facebook page of Lee’s agency. In the video, Lee smoothly dribbles, traps, and shoots the ball. According to reports, his heading shoot is so powerful that it often threatens the opposing team. Because he’s 187 centimeters tall, he can shoot a ball high. Lee learned how to play soccer in Cha Bum Geun’s Soccer School, which only accepts young students who are talented in playing soccer. With his great physical condition and talent, he was acknowledged by Cha Bum Geun, but he had to give up on his dream of becoming a soccer player when he was in the fifth grade because of a injury. People responded: “Lee Min Ho is really good at playing soccer.” “Lee Min Ho is talented in many things.” “Lee Min Ho is so awesome.” “Lee Min Ho is so tall.” Lee is currently shooting SBS TV’s new drama series Faith, which will start airing on August 13. Source: TV Report credit: en.korea.com

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