Cyclist Shatters Ankle in Accident, Cyclist Gets Blamed Online

This video of a London cyclist emerged a few days ago. He was riding down the street in the cycling lane going aroudn 20mph, dodging manholes and road imperfections on a wet day. In front of him a car pulls into the cycling lane, a common occurrence for every cyclist. The cyclist takes the lane in order to pass the car. However, the car pulls out in front of him, giving him less than 3 seconds to come to a complete stop and avoid collision. I repeat myself when I say it was a wet day. The video was shared to sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Reddit. However, a disgusting amount of people commenting blamed the cyclist for a whole slue of "reasons." Along with the video, I have attached a screencap of what the cyclist's ankle looks like along with a few comments about this video. I can't believe people would ever side with this driver.

It's not the rider, it's the bike. Refer to the rules.
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