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Cyber Security, IT security, computer security, or any other synonym refers to a field of study that focuses on protecting computer devices, systems, and networks from threats. These threats can range from information leaks or loss, damages to hardware and/or software, ransoming, etc. and as these threats continue to grow, so too do cyber security jobs.

Prerequisites for Cyber Security Jobs

Cyber security

· A bachelor’s degree in computer science, IT, or a similar field.

· Familiarity with the three primary operating systems: Windows, Unix, and Linux.

· Knowledge of programming skills, cloud computing, SaaS, etc.

· Specific knowledge in regards to computer security, ethical hacking, network testing, etc. along with certifications for the same.

The Common Cyber Security Jobs for Beginners are

The workings of cybersecurity are constantly evolving with new threats. As such, for anyone working in cybersecurity, they must be willing to work in a field that requires constant updates. Outside of this, there are some roles that are available at various Cybersecurity ranks:

1. Security Analyst

· They are responsible for analysing and and assessing vulnerabilities in computer infrastructure while deploying means and recommending solutions to fix these vulnerabilities. Outside of this, they investigate security incidents to assess damages and assist in recovery. Outside of creation and implementation of such security solutions, they also work in management and testing for compliance of security policies and procedures.

2. Security Engineer

· Security engineers are responsible for security monitoring and analysis to detect any security incident and mount the appropriate response. They are also responsible for updates through investigating and utilising new means, in terms of methodologies and technologies in order to enhance security capabilities while implementing any possible improvements.

3. Security Architect

· The security architects are responsible for building the security systems. As such, if such a task is handed over to a team, a security architect mau head the team.

There are also specialists or consultants for Cyber security jobs. The ones who hold these types of Cyber security jobs are those who possess several years of experience and/or specialised knowledge on a particular topic.

The other types of Cyber security jobs are dependent on the geography as different regions have different requirements and different companies vary in type and size that affects the type and number of available Cyber security jobs. These Cyber security jobs include administerial, security officers and protection officers.

Common Threats to Find in Cyber Security Jobs

Among Cyber security jobs, there are a multitude of cybersecurity threats that the employees there have to face. Some of the common types of threats and vulnerabilities that they have to face are:

1. Backdoors

· Backdoors are the general term that is used to refer to any method of bypassing the means of authentication or similar security methods. Such backdoors may exist in a computer system or algorithm and they may be created as a part of the original design or due to failure in design and development. Whether they are intentionally created to allow for legitimate access or through malicious intent, they create a vulnerability in the system. The detection of backdoors requires access to the source code and/or intimate knowledge of the computer OS.

2. DOS (Denial of System) Attacks

· The denial of system attacks is designed to make resources in a machine or network unavailable to the authentic users. The attacks can be targeted to an individual or all users by spamming wrong passwords, locking the account or overloading the machine or network’s capabilities, blocking all users respectively. Such attacks generally take place from multiple attacks as the rarer attacks from a single IP address are easily blocked.

3. Direct Access Attacks

· These refer to attacks where an unauthorised user gains physical access to a computer. This can lead to the attacker copying data, compromising security by installing vulnerabilities or otherwise damaging the system. This can be prevented through techniques like disk encryption and trusted platform modules.

4. Phishing

· This is a form of social engineering where attackers deceive the actual users to acquire their sensitive information. They go through with this by messaging the users into entering and giving away their sensitive personal information.

5. Spoofing

· This refers to the act of pretending to be an authorised user by using falsified data to gain unauthorised data. Some types of spoofing such as email spoofing are akin to phishing, whereas others such as IP address, MACs and biometric spoofing involve hiding the respective ID data.

The Countermeasures Used in Cyber Security Jobs

Previously, the various threats and vulnerabilities that can be found in Cyber security jobs have been discussed. However, countermeasures exist for dealing with them and though they vary depending upon the types of Cyber security jobs available, the classifications are standard. The countermeasures themselves can refer to specific procedures, hardware or software that are used to tackle vulnerabilities and threats by discovering and eliminating them while reducing the damage they can cause. The common countermeasures that can be found in various Cyber security jobs include:

Security by Design:

The Principle of Least Privilege:

Defence in Depth:

Security Architecture:

Vulnerability Management and Reduction:

Common Terms for Cyber Security Jobs

The field of cybersecurity is immensely broad and constantly adapting with every new threat. As such, to those in the entry level, they are expected to already know about many technical terms and definitions in comparison to other entry level roles. Some of the examples of unique terms in Cyber security jobs include:

Automated Theorem Proving:

Chain of Trust:

Endpoint Security:

Logic, Time and Fork Bombs:


Air Gapping:

Applications for Cyber Security and Cyber Security Jobs

The necessity of cyber security has seen it playing a role or be applied to every possible application or field in general that uses computer devices, networks, or programs. The primary ones include:

Financial Systems:







Cyber security

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