Why is my Epson printer not working after replacing ink cartridges?

Why is my printer not working after replacing ink cartridges on Epson?

Working of Epson printer may be affected due to many reasons and this question can arise that "why it's not working after replacing the cartridge". The related issue that is faced by many people is because of the delicacy of the product. With the same name by adding or removing words duplicate product easily get purchased and y using that duplicate product this issue occur. So at the time of buying the cartilage prefer to buy from the official site or prescribe. The mentioned content may help you to determine the issue and maybe you can solve your problem.

1. You can check that the cartridges that you have replaced are being paced properly.

2. In the new cartridges, there are bandages make sure that you have removed the bandages properly and the flow of ink is not interrupted.

3. That you have bought appropriate cartridges of the printer. The printer does not recognize another cartridge.

4. Check whether the cartage that you have brought is not empty or is there any fault in it. Sometimes due to faulty cartridges, this issue may be caused.

5. The printer that you have been using doesn't have a software issue. If so then kindly update or contact the technician about this issue.

6. The Epson printer also provides the reset button so try to reset your printer and then try to insert the cartridge in it.

7. Clean the previous link that may be stored in your printer. You can also visit the manual for a better way to understand.

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