Benefits of AutoCAD Drafting over Manual Drafting.

Drafting is special kind of craft that is drawn to represent structural, architectural, mechanical and electrical design. By following this special kind of design actual project is made. Designer thinking, calculations and skechtes about projects are drawn on the draft.

There are vasically two ways of drawing draft -

1. Manual Drafting by using free hand.

2. Digital Drafting by using Software.

The most commonly used and well-known drafting software is AutoCAD. It is widely used all over the world by defferent industries like structural, mechanical, electrical, plumber and textile to draw their respective design.

Benefits of AutoCAD Drafting over Manual Drafting.

1. Time saving.

2. Higher accuracy score.

3. Better Efficiency.

4. Lower Costing.

5. Easily Editable.

6. Electonically shareable.

7. Secure storable.

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