Talking Body Chapter Seven [+18]

Chapter Seven

Ji Su was siting on her balcony watching the sun set. She couldn’t help but think how scared she was when Jae showed up at the end of the show. Something was in his eyes that told her he was out for blood. When Jae walked up to her, he grabbed her wrist and demanded why she wasn’t crying or mad at him. She was confused why he would care for her wellbeing. She asked him why it matter to him.

“Because you in pain or heartbroken brings me joy.”

Just thinking about it made her shiver. He reminded her of the time she was in college. That one day she went for a run only to be sitting in a police station a few hours later after being found.

Ji Su closed her eyes shaking her head at the horrible memories. Hugging the blanket, she had wrapped around her tighter. Those memories were pushed back in the forbidden box that was to never open. Taking a deep breath, she continued to watch the sun sink further down.

“Ji?” a soft voice called for her. She turned to see Mi Sun walking out to the balcony holding a wine bottled and glasses.

“I’m fine, nothing to worry about.” Ji Su turned away from Mi Sun as her friend sat down on the empty chair next to hers.

“I wasn’t worried thought we need to just drink.” Mi Sun opened the wine and poured some in each glass. Red wine that tasted of sweet berries. Ji Su’s favorite.

“I am fine.”

“And I am here to drink with my soul sister.” Mi Sun handed Ji Su a glass before leaning back with in the chair.

Both women sat there in silence as they sipped their wine. Ji Su sat there trying to not think about the silence and how loud it was. She just sipped her wine doing her best deal with the silence, but it didn’t last long as she thought.

“Mi Sun.” Ji Su spoke.

“Have you been going to your sessions?” Ji Su closed her eyes and sighed at the question. Those damn therapy sessions that Mi Sun thought she needed 4 years ago. When her grandmother died, and Ji Su was depressed. Depressed that her one and only family was gone, and on the same day was told that the police put her case away since there was nothing they could do. Being depressed just seemed to help her cope with everything. Those two years were hell for her. She was able to find comfort with her designs, but that could only do so much. Jae well he showed no sympathy whatsoever.

“You know that I stopped those when they deemed me ‘healed’.” Ji Su looked over at Mi Sun who was sitting there sipping her wine.

“They didn’t deem you healed. You stopped going.” Mi Sun finally looked at her. “If you don’t want to go back then find something that will work for you.” Ji Su looked away knowing what Mi Sun said was true.

“Fine what do you suggest?” Ji Su asked curious on what her friend would say.

“Find a guy that will help you forget about crazy ass? Tell someone that doesn’t know what you went through that morning of second year collage. Yoga, I hear that can do more than help center you.”

First off, she didn’t want to use Jungkook as someone to forget. Jungkook would more than likely see through it. Telling him about what happened, she thought about it, and as for Yoga, well maybe.

“Listen I think you need to tell someone that is not me or Jin or anyone that knows you. You need someone that doesn’t but is willing to hear you out. Not therapist just someone you can trust.” Mi Sun shared while finishing her glass. “I am off to have dinner with Jin. Maybe you can talk to Jungkook. Not saying you should tell him, but just hangout put in a good word for me.” Ji Su looked at Mi Sun who gave her a wink.

“You do know that he approves and gives his permission. You don’t need to go pled or beg for it.” Mi Sun had this idea that she need to receive everyone’s permission to date or now marry Jin. She only met Jungkook once when he was leaving for the states.

“Fine but hangout with him so he isn’t lonely.” Only if Mi Sun knew that once she leaves Jungkook was probably going to appear minutes later.

When Mi Sun was gone, Ji Su grabbed the wine and poured another glass.


She wasn’t drunk just hot. Ji Su after an hour finished the bottle of wine. She took the blanket off and her shorts. All she had on was Jungkook’s gray t-shirt that was off one shoulder and her black lacey panties. Hair was in a messy bun. Again, she wasn’t drunk, just hot and bothered. When a knock echo through the room, Ji Su got up and staggered to the door. Maybe the wine did hit her, maybe little hard since she had no food in her stomach. When the knock echoed again, she made it to the door and opened it.

Jungkook stood there with another bottle of wine and food.

“You came bearing gifts how thoughtful of you.” She smiled enlighten at the sight of the food and wine.

“And you seem a bit tipsy.” He stated walking in.

“I am that plus hot.” She closed the door and waled back out to the balcony to retrieve her glass. She notice he was watching her and glancing at the other glass. “Don’t worry only Mi Sun was here not another guy.” She walked back in to where he was at.

“I wasn’t going to question why, figured you were double fisting it.” He set the food on the table and opened the bottle of wine. He then walked out to the balcony to grab the other glass to rinse it out and use it for himself.

Ji Su sat down watching his every move. Then she blurted out, “I need to tell you something.”

“Alright what is it?” he sat down poured the wine in each of their glasses and started to eat waiting for her to share.

“Well first off did you hear anything the Jae said before you interrupted?” she asked.

“No, I just noticed how uncomfortable you were and on instinct jumped in the middle.” He more food in his mouth and then spoke. “What did he tell you?”

Ji Su took a sip of her wine and popped a grape in her mouth. “That he enjoys seeing me in pain.” She shuttered once more. She watched Jungkook process what she just said.

“Well, he is insane for one but why did he just happened to be here to tell you that?” Jungkook sharing his thoughts.

Ji Su leaned back in the chair putting her knees closer to her chest. “I don’t know why he was here. He has only been to one show and that one show was my first one when I introduced the shop to everyone. He told me that time he would never go to fashion show again stating it was boring that he could being doing something else then watching models walk.” Ji Su looked out the window. “As for saying that to me. It stirred up old memories, nightmares of mind.” She looked at Jungkook who was watching her.

“If you’re not ready to share then don’t. I will not force you to do so.” Jungkook grabbed the bottle of wine and refilled her glass that was empty.

“Thanks, and I feel like I need to. Mi Sun told me to tell someone that doesn’t really know me but knows me enough that I can share my secrets.” She lifted the glass to her lips and drank her wine.

“Well, when you are ready, I will listen.” He popped more food in his mouth and encourages her to do the same. She did as they sat there in silence.

Ji Su ate and drank while she thought about that morning. If she and Jungkook were going to be friends with a hint of benefits but willing to trust each other, she knew she could trust him.

“I was raped 8 years ago during my second year of college.” She watch Jungkook stop mid bite as she continued. “I suffered for three years with the fear of being touched and of sex. After a year of my attack, I met Jae. He became a friend and then boyfriend. He at the time was sweet and understanding. We didn’t have sex until our second anniversary. I struggle to this day running in the morning without someone with me. When I run to far, my body stops working like that one morning you found me. Mi Sun and I don’t know what that is, my therapist thinks it’s a trigger for what happened to me. So, when Jae said that he enjoyed seeing me in pain brought back the memory of that day.” She stopped worried what Jungkook was thinking or going to say. She drank her wine in one shot and then poured another.

She waited and he yet didn’t say anything. Again, she drank her wine in one shot and reached for the bottle when Jungkook took it from her. “One, you need to slow down and enjoy the wine.” He poured her one more glass. “Two, do you think since he told you that, somehow, he could be the man that raped you 8 years ago?” he asked.

“The thought of him being the man never crossed my mind.” She stated.

“Well, something tells me there is a possibility. What about the police? Aer they still looking for him?”

“They stopped the day my grandmother died, four years ago.” She nibbled on the food.

Silence again filled the room as both where in deep thought. Ji Su nibbled some more on the food before pushing it away. She finished her glass of wine and pushed that away too. She took a deep breath waiting to hear or see what Jungkook was going to do or say. She was nervous and started to think that maybe she shouldn’t have told him.

“I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said anything.” Ji Su stood up and stumbled to the balcony door way. She was embarrassed and started to question on why she told him. He was in a way her lover not a friend or a boyfriend.

She stood in the door way and his arms hugged her from the back. “I’m glad you told me. I may not have said anything right away but know I know what you’ve been hiding.” He squeezed her tighter.

“Mi Sun told me that I need to tell some one and that maybe after eight years I may forget about it. I have but there is somethings that is hard to forget.” She turned around within his arms and looked up at him. “Thank you for listening, I know it wasn’t easy.” She whispered.

“It wasn’t, but I think we should head to bed since you have another long day ahead of you.” Jungkook took her hand a lead her to the bed.

She crawled in and then asked. “Will you join me?”

“I wasn’t planning on leaving you.” She watched him crawl next to her and turn the lights off. His arms found her once again and pulled her close. She felt safe and fell fast asleep.


The sun came through brighter than Ji Su wished for. She turned around and smiled when she spotted the man beside her. His arms draped over her and hair in his face. She was falling for him that was a fact. Was she going to tell him? No not until the time was right. She didn’t want to tell him and then things didn’t work out and both end up hurt. For now, she just wanted to enjoy what they were doing.

She brushed his hair out his eyes and kiss him lightly before crawling out of the bed. She wasn’t off the bed when his arms reach out and pulled her back in. Ji Su let out a squeal in surprise and then laughed against his chest.

“Where you think your going?” he asked voice husky.

“To shower and dress for the day.” She giggle as his lips travels up and down from her exposed shoulder to her ear. His lips nibbled at her ear making a moan escape her lips. “Some one is hungry.” She stated breathlessly.

“Only hungry for you at the moment.” He mumbled against her neck. His big hand went under her shirt and landed on her bare stomach teasing her. She turned around and planted a kiss on the base of his throat. Her hands brushed against his bare chest.

“We have to stop before Mi Sun plans to walk in.” she suggested but yet not stopping the travel of kisses from the base of his throat to his lips. God, she loved those lips of his.

“Then we will just have to make it quick.” He rolled over laying on top of her. He braced himself high enough to look at her. She knew she looked like shit, but she also knew he loved how devilish she looked. “When you opened to the door last night do you know how bad I wanted to you? Wearing my grey shirt and those lacey black panties.” He moved down between her legs. His fingers touched the hem of her underwear. He looked up at her and she knew he was asking for permission. Ji Su loved that about him too. She nodded and with out a second thought he pulled them off and threw them somewhere within the room. He pushed her shirt up and kissed her middle slowly making his way down. Ji Su was squirming at the thought of those lips on her.

He kiss her folds and then licked them sending shocks of pleasure down to her toes. Anther moan escaped her as his tongue went in between her folds to her bud. He sucked and lick making her ache and moan. She felt his thumb hover her entrance and played with his before entering her. She close her eyes loving the feeling of his tongue and thumb playing with her. She gasped when his thumb entered her. She looked at him seeing his eyes black as coal. She brushed the hair away from his face. She pushed her shirt up more exposing her breasts to him. His free hand gravitate to her right breast and teased her nipple. Her breathing grew quick he moaned sending vibrations through her. She could feel the buildup of her orgasm as she played with his hair. The faster he ate her, and finger fucked her, she was going to come and come hard. She was so close to coming when a knock on her door made her freeze.

“Ji Su, are you ok in there?” Mi Sun asked through the door. “Are you masturbating in there? If you are just tell me and I’ll leave.” Ji Su could hear the embarrassment in Mi Sun’s voice.

Jungkook continued to eat her out causing her to moan. “Yes I am.” She breathlessly moan to her friend on the other side of the door. There wasn’t another sound from her friend as Jungkook’s tongue left her bud and looked up at her as he added another finger fucking her faster. She loved how he would watch. Seeing what he was doing to her moan more. She could feel that she was close, and she knew that he could feel it too. He crawled up enough to kiss her as she came. Her body twitched and then relaxed.

Jungkook got up and looked for his shirt. Ji Su sat up. “Would you like my help?” she asked pointing to the tent in his pants.

“No, I can take care of it. I don’t like it when women go down on me. I had a bad experience with one and ever since then I just take care of it on my own.” He leaned down and kissed her before walking out.

Ji Su sat on the bed for a few minutes before getting up and getting dressed. When she was dress another knock on her door and Mi Sun asking to enter. Ji Su laughed silently to herself and opened the door. Mi Sun entered, cheeks red.

“I am so sorry for interrupting yourself love time.” Mi Sun apologized.

“No need to apologize. I was just embarrassed as you are. Any who, what do you need?” Ji Su walked over to finish her look of the day. Same style as yesterday just different colors. Darker shade of blue jeans, coral color t-shirt, with a cream colored cardigan, and the same wedges. The hair this time was in a high ponytail with lose waves and makeup was the same. The accessories wear the same earrings, necklace, bracelet with her watch and a ring. Her grandmother ring.

“One of the models for you last piece, got sick last night. Quintin wanted to know if you wanted to model your last piece. He knows that you have done it before.” Ji Su turned to face Mi Sun as she spoke. Something didn’t sit well with her hearing about one the models for her last piece ended up sick. Something about that made her think Jae had something to do with it.

“I’ll do it plus it is one of my favorite pieces.” Mi Suns eyes lit up with relief.

“Then if you’re ready let’s head down and get you ready.” Mi Sun stood up when Ji Su grabbed her bag and phone. Both women walked out of Ji Su’s room and made there way to the make shift back stage.

Ji Su found Quintin to tell him that she would model her last piece, but before she would get ready, she would get her other pieces the models would be wearing ready to go before her. Quintin didn’t care what she was going to do he was just happy that the small problem was fix.

The whole morning Ji Su worked on the models, adjusting the sized of each piece and worked with the make-up and hair stylist. Things were running smoothly and with an hour before the show, Ji Su was replacing her outfit from this morning into a simple thin strapped white dress.

The dress went past her knees and the neckline was a crossed between a spaghetti strap and a V-neck. The dress Ji Su envisioned was a simple but yet elegant. Her shoes were black stilettos. Her hair was put in a half up half down style letting her lose waves show off. Her accessories were her own. Once she was ready the show started.

Even though she was modeling one of her pieces, Ji Su still worked in the back making sure the other two pieces went out and came back without a scratch on them. Her creations were her babies. When it was her turn, she walked out with confidence. One hand on her hip and smiled. She would stop on one marker to turn around and then continued down to the end to repeated the same motion. She spotted Jungkook next to Mi Sun and Jin. She gave him a wink before she disappeared to the back. With that the show was down and so was the weekend. Quintin was leaving that night and whined that he wished he could stay longer.

“You could always travel back this summer when Ji Su shows off her new line.” Mi Sun told him with Jin’s arms wrapped around her.

“Would be great if you could. It would only be right since Mi Sun, and I were there for you first showcase.” Ji Su stated while putting her hair back into the high ponytail she had before. She changed back into her jeans and t-shirt once she was off the stage.

“I will have to see what my schedule looks like. Who should I contact if I am able to make?” Quinin asked looking at all of them.

“Me since I schedule everything for the girls.” Jin said. He was the general manager of the store, but he was also the sectary for the girls too.

Ji Su stood there as the socialized. She knew Jungkook was behind her with hints of a small touch here and there. When it was time to leave for everyone, Ji Su. Jungkook, Mi Sun, and Jin all boarded the same plane and fly back to Seoul. Mi Sun and Jin sat in front of Ji Su and Jungkook talking about wedding plans and what they wanted to do. Ji Su sat there and took Jungkook’s hand in hers. He gave her a questioning look but didn’t do anything. When the landed Jungkook and Jin took care of all the luggage for the girls. Making both of them giggle and praise the boys for how strong they were.

Ji Su felt as if the heavy weight she shared with Jungkook was gone. She was happy and couldn’t wait to see what the summer would bring.

That’s what she thought when she saw a female running up to Jungkook.



Authors note

I know that I said Friday, but this chapter was long with secrets, crazy ex-boyfriend, and of course the rest of the fashion show. Chapter eight will be in the works and hopefully posted by the end of the week. Graduation is coming up for my younger brother and so is family so in the next week are so I will be crazy busy. I hoping to have at least chapter eight through ten done and post. No promises though. What are you thoughts on this mysterious lady showing up? Feel free to comment below on what you thoughts are. For me I am happy how this version, again, is turning out.

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