The Working Procedure of a Moisture Analyzer

moisture analyzer

Before beginning the actual measurement procedure, the lab technician needs to remove a sample from the slurry, solid or liquid he or she will be testing using the moisture analyzer. Next, the technician will need to set the drying parameters for the sample. The instrument used for moisture level measurement will show results based on those parameters.

If you are using this type of measuring tool for the first time, you must be aware of the fact that these tools works following TGA or thermogravimetric testing principles. It is the same principle we have mentioned at the beginning of this article; a TGA test helps in measuring the weight lost by a particular substance as a result of being heated. Analysis of weight loss caused by evaporation of a liquid can help in determining the moisture content of that substance.

If the device you are using knows the drying parameters of a particular substance, it will always keep those parameters in mind when heating up the furnace. Drying parameters are usually decided based on the material's chemical makeup; for instance, if water is the main liquid present in a material, its drying parameter would most probably be 105° Celsius.

After adjusting the device and setting the drying parameter, the laboratory technician will have to close the moisture analyzer. Closing the device before initiating the actual measurement procedure is a must for getting accurate results.

Once the technician closes the instrument, the sample will start heating up. This will continue for a specific period of time and all through this process the analyzer will keep on recording the weight lost by the material. The process will go on until the furnace is shut off. However, the sample is not removed from the device instantly. The technician allows it to sit for 5 to 10 minutes before removing it.

Are you wondering how will you know the measurements? These devices generate printouts of all the data recorded whenever they perform a moisture measurement job. Some of the information the printouts will contain include the original weight of the sample, the weight of the sample after being dried and the amount of moisture present in it.

moisture analyzer

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