How Do I Connect my Ricoh Printer to my Computer Wirelessly?

How will I connect my Ricoh printer to my computer?

Computers and printers work together as partners for their users. When it comes to connecting the computer and the Ricoh printer, some users are unaware of the steps. Some might come up with a question like the procedure to connect the computer to the Ricoh printer wirelessly. Every customer needs a branded printer to select buying a Ricoh printer. To know the process follow the steps given in the following line:

Steps to Connect the Printer with a Computer Wirelessly

To know the process of connecting a computer and printer contains two methods, and they are as follows:

Through wifi connection:

To know the steps of wifi connection with the printer, users have to go through the steps that will help them to provide information on wifi connection:

1. First, start the computer or any devices that have to be connected to the printer.

2. Locate the wifi with the printer. Turn on the computer's wifi connection and connect the computer with the wifi.

3. Now on the computer setting, see the ‘devices option’ and connect with the printer showing up as ‘Ricoh printer’ and select the connection.

4. Select ‘Add devices,’ and the computer will do the rest. Start printing with the printer.

Through enabling a soft AP function:

Another process that will help the users is turning on the printer's soft AP system from the power key. The steps are as follows:

1. Press the power key of the printer to turn it on. Hold the power button for a while, and then wait until the blue light blinks.

2. This means the printer has enabled the wireless connection. To turn on the soft AP connection, hold the power key again until the light blinks twice.

3. Now turn on the wireless icon of the computer, and connect with the printer by entering the password for soft AP and then tap on the connect option.

4. Cross-check the printer if it has enabled the soft AP by setting the paper and printing the system operation on it.


How do I connect my Ricoh printer to my computer?
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