Hit-and-run victim investigates, solves own crime

When a Smyrna man was struck on his bicycle by a hit-and-run driver, police told him it would be difficult to find the suspect. So he decided to conduct his own investigation. It ended in an arrest. Jacob Rogers, 39, was riding his bicycle to work in Smyrna when he was hit. He stopped at an intersection near the entrance to an apartment complex, "and I looked to make sure that there were no cars coming," Rogers said. What happened next caught him by surprise. "I didn't see anything there, so I proceeded through the intersection, and it was right here where I got hit," Rogers told WXIA-TV at the accident site. The driver of a silver Volkswagen hit Rogers in the middle of the intersection. But, what happened next was even more surprising. "So I'm still on my bike, and she forced her way through me," Rogers said. The car pushed him aside and took off.

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