Facing Challenges while providing Nursing care? Here are tactics to tackle them

Nursing is surely one of the most rewarding yet challenging professions. Nurses perform the crucial duty of helping individuals recover and regain their independence. They change the life of the individuals in need in a better way; all while abiding by all the regulations, legislations, guidelines, and principles, and ensuring to implement the best practices in their work.

nursing care

It is really important for the care providers to know how to deal with everyday challenges. Today we will be exploring the most commonly faced challenges by them and what tactics they adopt for dealing with them. This can help you specifically if you are new to the profession.

Challenge: Long Working Hours


Long working hours are a norm in the everyday life of a nurse. A nurse normally works 10 to 12 hours a day, with additional overtime at times too. At times, they have to single-handedly complete the work of 2 nurses simultaneously. This surely causes burn out but the professionals know how to deal with it.

To prevent burnout, they tend to take breaks to take rest in between the shifts. Apart from this, they ensure they are consuming nutritious foods and snacks. And also communicate with the team in case they feel overwhelmed.

Challenge: Professional Burnout


These long working hours surely contribute so much to professional burnout. Aspects like getting little sleep and performing continuously high-pressured tasks can take a toll on your health, specifically if you are new to the profession.

For dealing with this challenge, professional nurses use several tactics depending on their preferences. They typically adopt approaches like meditating, exercising, and finding a balance between work and private life. Also for dealing with this issue, nursing tends to have support groups they can turn to when stressed.

Challenge: Unexpected Situations like Calls or Cancellations


Not even a single day is the same in this profession. You might have planned out each day but it will never go as per the schedule. This kind of disturbance is surely frustrating so how do professionals deal with them?

The nurses tend to develop backup plans that can be used in case of shift cancellation. This allows flexibility in their work. They also set boundaries for ensuring there is a perfect balance between their work and private life. For instance, they do not accept the last-minute requests for extra shifts or if they do, they ask for compensation for it.

However, for this, they ensure that they have developed and maintained good relationships with colleagues and employers. Or else the request decline can make them hold grudges which can affect the workplace environment.

Challenge: Health Hazards


Working in the healthcare field, there are numerous health hazards. The nurses always find themselves amid the patients that are suffering from different health conditions, many of them being infectious. This kind of exposure puts a significant risk on their health. This is not really a hidden fact, when choosing this career the nurses know about the health hazards they might face.

However, professional nurses ensure they are keeping themselves safe even while serving the patients. They adapt good and effective hygienic practices to take care of themselves. Apart from this, personal protective equipment is a crucial part of their everyday work life. They wear necessary and suitable PPE and sanitize themselves and also keep a safe distance from contiguous patients.

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