National Election management committee a political consultancy had done the Political consult for Bihar's famous RJD party in 2020

NEMCBihar assembly election 2020

RJD had contested over 144 out of 243 seats in Bihar Assembly 2020. We had 109 assembly constituencies to perform political surveys, several campaigns, and rallies for Rjd.

We handled the social media of the RJD. Our digital campaign had introduced the Rjd manifesto and its promise of the main leaders. And the several digital campaigns also boosted the party’s image and gave big competition to the opposition parties like Bjp.

The political surveys were done by our teams in 144 assemblies of Bihar. These surveys have helped us to find out the status of the RJD party at the ground level.

We organised several rallies for the RJD party in the Bihar election of 2020.

Our programs and initiatives are taken at the ground level

Our initiatives helped the party to emerge in the Bihar election of 2020. The programs and campaigns have united the vote for the Rjd party. And overall these programs were impacted very positively by the Rjd party

Bihar Vikas Mitra 2020

Bihar Vikash Mitra was one of the famous campaigns in Bihar Assembly 2020. Almost 5% to 7% of the vote share has increased for Rjd by the campaign.

Under this political campaign, NEMC has made 2 lakhs Non-Muslim and Non-Yadav Vikas Mitra at 40,000 booths.

Bihar Vikas Samvaad

Our team had taken the suggestions of the Rjd manifesto 2020 to 70,350 people from 4690 Panchayats. It was a very successful program at the Panchayat level.

Badeega Bihar Tejashwi Ki Saath

Our team

Harr Baat Booth tak

This program has created around 500 WhatsApp groups. In the WhatsApp groups, 125000 persons were added by the proposed team. The group had delivered all the messages which were given by the Tesjashwi Yadav in all the Vidhan Sabha booths.

Impact of our work through campaigns and programs.

Our ground-level political surveys have helped the party to get its status on the ground. The party also got the mood of people and also knows what promises are to be added to the Manifesto.

Our unique idea, program, and campaigns had resulted in a 4.7% increment in vote share for Rjd in 2020.

All programs, campaigns, and initiatives

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