Drum & Bass의 명문 레이블들 두루 거쳐온 DJ Tokyo Prose의 새 정규앨범 [Presence]

Hospital Records와 Sun & Bass Recordings. Drum & Bass의 명문 레이블들 두루 거쳐온 DJ Tokyo Prose의 새 정규앨범 [Presence] 01. 16 Bar Cycles (Feat. Christoph El Truento) 02. Won't Let Me Go (Feat. Lenzman, Fox) 03. Small Gains 04. Ventura 05. Kidman (Feat. Zoe Klinck) 06. Common Ground (Feat. Synkro) 07. Sunsets (Feat. LSB, DRS) 08. Fragmented You (Feat. Milton) 09. Covet 10. Waiting On (Feat. Riya) 11. All Things 12. See Through Love 13. Dance with You [출처] Tokyo Prose - Presence|작성자 헬로준넷 the source of / Hellojunenet web (KOREA) information web youtube - http://www.youtube.com/hellojunenet blog - http://blog.hellojune.net facebook - http://www.facebook.com/moremusic.co.kr2 HelloJune.Net - http://www.hellojune.net twitter - http://www.twitter.com/hellojunenet

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