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Buy and sell Rare Carat® diamonds with the convenience and security of a leader in the New York diamond trade. Our community is your resource for the best in rare, 1-carat diamonds at any price.

It’s easy to shop through our curated selection of diamond jewelry and discover a new piece that suits your unique style.

From fashion jewelry and watches to engagement rings, we have something for everyone. No hidden fees, no lengthy signup process. It’s free to create an account, and when you love a piece of jewelry we can instantly ship it to you.

Some Major Qualities of the Company

Specialized professional-based input

Rare Carat

Free Secure shipping

One of the first-class things about the company’s services is the safety measures it takes to make sure all-round protection. The client obtained their order in a steady box, which calls for the signature for authentication. Thus, it leaves no area for any protection or protection danger while the products are in transit.

Laser inscription verification

One of the most interesting functions of the company’s services is that it very well tests the diamond’s authenticity. The method consists of using a laser inscription, carried out before delivery of the order. Thus, the clients should not fear about the diamond’s quality and authenticity.


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